Bring Your Animal Drawings to Life!

Learn how to draw 12 animals step-by-step and bring them to life with full color and texture using a variety of mediums.

Interactive & Fun!

At the start of each lesson join Miss Mary in researching and finding fun facts about the animal for that day.

Step-by-Step Process!

Miss Mary walks you through the drawing process step-by-step using the grid method.

Play With Different Mediums!

Follow along as Miss Mary teaches you how to use fun mixed-media materials to bring your animals to life.

Join Miss Mary, It's Easy!

With years of teaching experience, Miss Mary knows how to best communicate basic drawing concepts to you even if you have never drawn before. She makes it fun and keeps it real, all the while providing quality content you can use for a lifetime!

Parents! Why Should Your child take this course?

Easy follow-along instruction with places along the way to tell your student where to pause!

Combine this content with other school curriculum to learn about animals!

✅ Each video is divided into parts making it easy to stretch out the content over a semester or year!

✅ Use the content for multiple students and repeat the course whenever; you own it!

Who is This For?

Aimed at children 7-12, who want to learn to draw animals!***

Absolutely no experience is required, and the curriculum works great for siblings of varying ages to create together!

***Some content may be difficult for ages under 7 years, but the step-by-step instruction method can make this easier for younger ages to attempt. So go ahead and try!


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